Camping in Nordmarka, Norway. Day 1

JourneyZone 2017

The JourneyZone website doesn’t have much information on the trip, except “the most epic journey across the forests and lakes of Nordmarka ever!”

I didn’t know what it meant, but I’ll soon come to experience the most epic trip of my life.

The trip started on Friday after the conference ended.  I got up super early to pack and wash my hair, knowing that I will not be able to wash for the next two days.  At 7am, everyone gathered around and we all took the train from Oslo to Grua, around 40 km north of Oslo.

After we got off the train, we started hiking in the Norwegian woods. The beauty of Nordmarka cannot be described in words.  It was beauty beyond words.  The big tall Norwegian trees, the blue skies, the crisp clean air, the wet moss, slippery rocks and stones, I was just fumbling through this beautiful forest and fell on some delicious blueberry bushes.  Most of us were picking the blueberries and eating them throughout the hike.  They were delicious, organic and wild, the best blueberries I’ve ever tasted.

I saw some really cute mushrooms, they looked like the Super Mario Bros. mushrooms, so colorful and vibrant.  However, I was advised not to eat them.  Some are poisonous and some are magical.

We were a group of 30 people plus three local guides.  We hiked approximately from Skrikertangen to Svarttjern in the Norwegian woods.  At the end of this epic trip, we will come to hike about 60 km in 2.5 days.  It’s probably the most amount of exercise I’ve ever done.

Tonight the campsite was set up by Belgen Lake, which is part of the bigger Gjerdingen Lake.  The view and especially the sunset was stunningly beautiful.

Dinner was Norwegian wild game stew which consisted of moose meat, potatoes, carrots and lingonberry.  It was absolutely delicious and warmed our bodies in this cold night.

After dinner, people were drinking by the fire and some were chopping wood.  I went to sleep about 9pm.  I used the wet naps to clean myself.  I didn’t want to wash my face in the lake, because the water was cold and I was afraid of falling in.  There were about eight people per tent.  The sleeping bag was very comfortable and kept me warm throughout the night.

Tomorrow, we will hike for 4 hours and attempt to canoe across 3 lakes to get to our second campsite, which is deep into the woods.  There are no roads so cars cannot get there.  More adventure awaits.


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