Farm To Table lunch at Wonder Wilderfarm

Wonder Wilderfarm is an organic farm in Relau, Penang, Malaysia. The farm is run by two women who are very passionate about organic food. They also make their own farm products at their shop such as fermented coconut cheese, homemade lip balm and extra virgin coconut oil from their coconut trees on the farm.

In addition to running an organic farm, they also collaborate with Pei Chin from Farm to Plate Malaysia, and host organic farm lunches. Today I had the most amazing home cooked meals right at the farm. Everything on the plate was freshly harvested this morning. The 4 courses vegan and gluten free organic lunch with drinks cost 30RM or 7.7 USD per person. Everything was delicious and you can see the two ladies cooking at the open kitchen right on the farm. It was a communal table and there were 12 people. We ate under the trees and fresh breeze. The first course was a salad consisted of herbs, leaves, and edible flowers, all grown on the farm. It was a very light and refreshing salad, perfect for the weather. The second course was a vegetable soup with homemade coconut cheese, the mild bayan leaves compliment the fermented coconut cheese very well. The main was farm veggies cooked different ways over brown rice with a very cute baby carrot. The dessert was tapioca fritter served with chocolate mint leaf. Drinks were homemade pea flowers tea and brewed nutmeg drink. Everything was delicious and I feel the care and love that went into growing these veggies on the land without pesticides and chemicals, then harvesting them, and finally cooking them, and serving them on the plate for all of us. After lunch, I got to walk around the farm and bought wild cilantro and lemon balm, which Alicia, the owner of Wonder Wilderfarm, freshly cut for me.

It was an amazing experience and delicious! I’d highly recommend checking out the farm lunches and visit the farm!

Wonder Wilderfarm