Perth is definitely one of my favorite cities.  It’s ranked one of the most livable cities in the world and I can definitely see why.  It’s very convenient to walk around in the CBD, and all the buses in the CBD are free.  Their world class museums are also free admission. For a bustling city, it has lots green spaces.  My favorite is the botanic garden, such a peaceful haven in the city. The food scene is diverse, international, and gourmet.  It’s also very easy to find healthy food such as an organic green smoothie. Below is a list of the best I’ve sampled on this trip.

01.20181009.Botanic.Garden.01.web.jpgLotterywest Federation Walkway


  • Panache – healthy savory brekkie bowl.
  • Little Bird Cafe – green brekky bowl.
  • Heno & Rey – trendy tapas bar and restaurant.
  • Jamie’s Italian – celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant. Good lunch deals.
  • Simple Italian cucina pizzeria – pizza and kale salad.
  • Telegram Coffee at State Buildings – best coffee.
  • Petition Kitchen – gourmet, creative dishes, excellent bread.
  • The Beehive Well Beeing Bar – green smoothie and juices.
  • Yelo Trigg – smashed avocado on sourdough by the beach.
  • The Woodfired Baker, Maylands – most delicious sourdough bun for only $1.
  • City Farm Cafe at Perth City Farm – local brunch spot.
  • Subi Farmers’ Market at Subisaco Primary School – best farmers’ market.
  • Mt Claremont Farmers’ Market – you can buy olive oil and kombucha directly from the makers.

Heno & Rey


  • WA Museum
  • National Gallery of Australia
  • Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
  • Mettam’s Pool at Trigg Beach – mother nature’s swimming pool.
  • Elizabeth Quay Bridge
  • Lotterywest Federation Walkway – take a stroll with a bird’s eye view at the botanic garden.

03.20181006.02.Trigg.Beach05.webTrigg Beach


Rottnest Island is a ferry ride away from Perth.  While traveling in Perth, I took a day trip there.
Cape Vlamingh

The island is called Rottnest Island because when the Dutch came here in the 17th century, they saw many quokkas running around and thought they were rats.  Quokkas are not rats. They come from the same family as the kangaroo. They live on a handful of small Australian islands such as Rottnest Island. Anyways, the island was named Eylandt ‘t Rottenest or Rats’ Nest Island after the quokkas.  Quokkas are adorable especially a mother quokka with a baby inside her pouch.  You can find them crowding around the bakery, but please don’t feed them human food as it will shorten their life spans.  Quokkas used to live till 7 years old, but since they started eating human food, they only live till 3 years old now on the eastern side of the island.  Away from human settlements, the quokkas on the western side of the island are healthier since they still eat their traditional diet of leaves, stems, grass, and bark.

02.20181010.Rottnest.Island.04.jpgSalmon Bay

There are a total of 63 beaches on the island.  The swimming beaches here have no sharks. It’s protected by a ring of reefs.  The ocean is so clean with 20+ meters visibility.


Thomsons Rottnest – fresh local WA seafood and fish.


Salmon Bay – site of the dive drop.  Good for swimming and snorkeling.
The Basin – swimming
Geordie Bay – shopping
Parker Point – swimming/snorkeling
Wadjemup Lighthouse – views
West End / Cape Vlamingh – views
Best Quokka Spotting Locations – next to the bakery.
03.20181010.Rottnest.Island.08.Quokka03A real quokka looking at a stuffed animal quokka.

04.20181010.Rottnest.Island.09.sunsetBeautiful sunset on the ferry back to Perth.


Swan Valley is a beautiful and tranquil oasis.  Only 30 minutes away from the city of Perth, many city dwellers come here for the weekend.  Sip wine, eat gourmet local food, take a walk in nature, and just enjoy the slow pace of life.  The food here is delicious.  We were there in the beginning of October to attend Entwined in the Valley festival.  The weather was perfect. Dressed in layers with a light jacket, I was all set to run around in the festivities. From sampling various foods at the Food Truck Rumble to petting cute baby sheep at the Good Old Fashioned Country Fair.  There are many things to do and eat, even if you’re not here for the festival.  Below is a list of all the things that made me fall in love with Swan Valley.

Mandoon Estate


Elegantly designed rooms with amazing views.  Each room comes with a balcony for your morning qigong or yoga practice.  The nature walks surrounding this winery has breathtaking views.  In addition to the winery, it also has a brewery, a restaurant, and an art gallery.

Swan Valley


  • Homestead Brewery – beer, beer bread, fish and chips.
  • Taylors Art & Coffee House – where locals go for breakfast and brunch.
  • Riverbrook Restaurant at Upper Reach Winery – gourmet wine and food.
  • The House of Honey – honey and mead tasting.
  • Morish Nuts – local macadamia nuts in every imaginable flavors.
  • Mondo Nougat – artisan dairy free nougat.
  • The Henley Brook – eat and drink outdoor, popular with the locals.
  • Stewart’s at Brookleigh Restaurant – delicious food and beautiful sunset view.


  • Bells Rapids Park – best hiking trails in the region.
  • Guildford Heritage Walk Trails – downtown, heritage walk.
  • Caversham Wildlife Park – Exotic Australian animals, selfie with a koala.


Fremantle is a nice day trip from Perth or Swan Valley.  Below is a list of what I’ve sampled in a day trip.


The Raw Kitchen – chic and stylish raw vegan restaurant with a yoga studio and a zero waste lifestyle shop.  I like the hummus and green salads.


Freemantle Downtown
Bathers Beach
Fremantle Prison – UNESCO World Heritage site, good informative tour of history.

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison