Bandung is the capital of Indonesia’s West Java province.  The city has a lively art scene. Sculpture park and creative spaces.  There are lots trendy cafes, restaurants, and music venues. My favorite area is the Dago district.  The weather is relatively cool tropical. Tourism is mostly local instead of international. Many residents of Jakarta come here for the weekend to shop and enjoy the cooler weather.  Day trips to the nearby highlands of Lembang is very popular.

Wot Batu Open Air Museum

Where to Stay:

  • Rumah Stroberi – boutique hotel, organic strawberry and vegetable farm.
  • Padma Hotel Bandung – modern hotel surrounded by greenery.
Wot Batu Open Air Museum

What to See:

  • NuArt Sculpture Park – creator of the giant Garuda Wisnu Kencana sculpture in Bali.
  • Selasar Sunaryo Art Space – impressive on site art installation.
  • Wot Batu Open Air Museum – contemporary art.
  • Lawang Wangi Creative Space – contemporary art and cafe.
  • Saung Angklung Udjo – culture performance of traditional Angklung instrument.
  • Gedung Merdeka – historic building where the 1955 Asia Africa conference took place.
  • Gedung Sate – historic government landmark.
  • Paris Van Java – shopping mall with a roof garden.
Nara Park Bandung

Where to Eat:

  • Nara Park Bandung – restaurants and outdoor concert venue.
  • Coco Rico Fantasy Garden – good food and good view.  
  • Rumah Stroberi – delicious local Sudanese and Indonesian food.
Rumah Stroberi

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