Rottnest Island is a ferry ride away from Perth.  While traveling in Perth, I took a day trip there.
Cape Vlamingh

The island is called Rottnest Island because when the Dutch came here in the 17th century, they saw many quokkas running around and thought they were rats.  Quokkas are not rats. They come from the same family as the kangaroo. They live on a handful of small Australian islands such as Rottnest Island. Anyways, the island was named Eylandt ‘t Rottenest or Rats’ Nest Island after the quokkas.  Quokkas are adorable especially a mother quokka with a baby inside her pouch.  You can find them crowding around the bakery, but please don’t feed them human food as it will shorten their life spans.  Quokkas used to live till 7 years old, but since they started eating human food, they only live till 3 years old now on the eastern side of the island.  Away from human settlements, the quokkas on the western side of the island are healthier since they still eat their traditional diet of leaves, stems, grass, and bark.

02.20181010.Rottnest.Island.04.jpgSalmon Bay

There are a total of 63 beaches on the island.  The swimming beaches here have no sharks. It’s protected by a ring of reefs.  The ocean is so clean with 20+ meters visibility.


Thomsons Rottnest – fresh local WA seafood and fish.


Salmon Bay – site of the dive drop.  Good for swimming and snorkeling.
The Basin – swimming
Geordie Bay – shopping
Parker Point – swimming/snorkeling
Wadjemup Lighthouse – views
West End / Cape Vlamingh – views
Best Quokka Spotting Locations – next to the bakery.
03.20181010.Rottnest.Island.08.Quokka03A real quokka looking at a stuffed animal quokka.

04.20181010.Rottnest.Island.09.sunsetBeautiful sunset on the ferry back to Perth.